Frequently Asked Questions

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The number of Stay-Puts strips needed depends on the clothing area you want to attach them to. For the standard flying collar, we recommend using one Stay-Put on each side.

The longevity of Stay-Puts depends on a variety of factors such as type of fabric, sweat and the conditions under which they are laundered (such as detergent and water temperature).

Stay-Puts have an exceptionally wide range of uses! For men, the most common uses are for flying collars and ties and dress shirt cuffs; for women they are most commonly used for flying collars and to prevent sliding bra straps. Please see our before and after photos for more ideas on how to use Stay-Puts! 

We are confident that our formula will keep your collar in place all day! However, if you find it has become detached simply press the two sides of the fabric with the Stay-Put still attached for 2-3 seconds until it re-adheres.

Stay-Puts are specially formulated to be washer and dryer safe and typically last through 1-2 cycles; should they detach from your clothing during a laundry cycle, they will often remain at the bottom of your machine and will no longer be tacky. While Stay-Puts are heat safe up to 350° F for short exposures, it is recommended you remove them prior to dry cleaning as different dry cleaners may use different techniques and temperatures.

Stay-Puts have been tested on a large variety of materials and fabric blends to ensure they are strong enough to last yet gentle enough to keep your clothes free of residue.

Stay-Puts are specifically formulated to leave your clothes residue and stain-free.

While the longevity is dependent on how often you use them and the quantity needed per wear, each tin of Stay-Puts will generally last you about one month. If you would like a larger quantity to keep you looking your best for longer, consider buying another tin to keep in your office or our purse and wallet packs to take Stay-Puts on the go.

Stay-Puts are formulated with an acrylic base and are certified non-toxic. They are only recommended for fabric-on-fabric usage.

Yes! We offer refill packs of 48 strips so you can reuse your tin again and again! We also offer wallet and purse packs that conveniently fit in any wallet, money clip, pocket, or purse.