Our Story

The Stay-Puts company brand has its roots in the personal experiences of Geoff, a serial entrepreneur and avid golfer who became frustrated with the limitations of traditional collar stays. Geoff's journey to creating the perfect adhesive collar stay began after selling one of his previous companies to Condé Nast, the renowned fashion media brand. This acquisition exposed him to a world of style and fashion, which sparked his desire to maintain a polished appearance on the golf course.

Geoff's main issue was with the collars of his golf shirts, which frequently flew open and made him look disheveled. Unlike dress shirts, golf shirts don't typically have slots for traditional plastic or metal collar stays, and often lack structure in general. Driven to find a solution, Geoff began experimenting with a variety of double-sided tapes that were commercially available.

His initial experiments were met with varying degrees of success. Some tapes worked too well, damaging the fabric of his collars due to their strong adhesion. Others left a sticky residue, were not strong enough, or couldn't withstand sweat and heat from a round of golf. Geoff also tried various "dots" on the market, only to find that they melted and destroyed his shirts when he accidentally left them on before washing and drying. Furthermore, the "dots" did not prevent the bottom of the collar from curling because their circular shape cannot be aligned with the very tip of the collar.

Convinced that there had to be a better solution, Geoff embarked on a mission to develop the perfect adhesive collar stay. He spent nearly a year researching and collaborating with experts in chemistry and textiles to create a product that would address all the issues he had encountered. The result was Stay-Puts, a premium disposable, adhesive collar and fashion stay designed to keep clothes secured in place, was heat and water resistant, and also gentle on fabrics.

Stay-Puts quickly gained popularity among golfers and others who sought a clean and professional appearance. As he continued to develop and refine Stay-Puts, Geoff discovered that the adhesive collar stays were not only perfect for golf shirt collars, but also solved a variety of common style issues for men. Stay-Puts proved effective at maintaining the shape of dress shirt collars, keeping ties in place, securing pocket squares, and even managing belts that were too long for pant loops. This versatility made the product even more appealing and expanded its uses.

Geoff's co-founder, Heather, brought with her a background in retail fashion merchandising. Heather quickly realized that there were numerous applications for Stay-Puts in women's fashion as well. She identified several common style problems that women face, such as sliding bra straps, button gaps, bra exposure, and the need for quick hems. Stay-Puts' strong but gentle adhesive solution was perfect for addressing these issues, making them an essential tool in women's fashion.

Beyond their use in golf and tennis tops, Stay-Puts has gained a loyal following among women looking to control daily style challenges. The versatile and easy-to-use adhesive stays quickly became a staple in both men's and women's wardrobes. With Heather's expertise, the company expanded its product line to cater to the unique needs of women, solidifying Stay-Puts as a go-to solution for a wide range of fashion issues.

Together, Geoff and Heather continue to innovate and find new ways to help people look their best in any situation. Stay-Puts evolved from its golf shirt collar origins into a comprehensive fashion solution that appeals to both men and women. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and attention to detail established Stay-Puts as the premium brand for those seeking a refined look without the hassle of traditional fashion stays. Today, the Stay-Puts company continues to grow and innovate, driven by its passion and the desire to help people look their best in any situation.